Book Gentlemen of Fortune

The Gentlemen of Fortune will give you an electrifying performance. Our musicianship and energy leave audiences with lasting memories. With songs for all ages, we are ready to be a feature act in your next concert, corporate function, community event, soiree or special event. We can fit into your even with a fully prepared show package.
Performance Contact for the Gentlemen Of Fortune Chorus

To discuss arrangements, please call David Anderson at 604.230.5695 or email
Should you wish to hear our music before arranging a show, feel free to visit our rehearsals on Tuesday nights at 7.00pm, at the Cliff Avenue United Church, 1600 Cliff Avenue, Burnaby.
50-50 Shows
A Mutually Beneficial Opportunity
The GOF provides the performance, and the host provides the venue. Both of us provide the audience. Subject to certain conditions, the proceeds are divided between both parties 50/50!

Responsibilities of the Gentlemen of Fortune
The GOF commits to providing:
  • the performing chorus, suitably attired;
  • a complete rehearsed repertoire of show music;
  • transportation for the performers, to and from the venue;
  • a director of music;
  • tiered platforms (risers), from which we sing;
  • microphones.
Responsibilities of the Host
The host commits to providing:
  • a suitable venue with room for performers and audience;
  • room for the chorus to change into uniforms;
  • marketing effort to advertise the event to your community;
  • ticket printing and selling facilities;
  • a "box-office" and organizational staff for the event;
  • a quality sound system.
Financial Considerations
The Gentlemen of Fortune has certain overheads that must be covered in presenting a show. For this reason we usually stipulate a minimum fee of $1000. Should the proceeds of the ticket sales fall below $2000 then the host agrees that proceeds will not be split 50/50. If the proceeds fall below $1000 then the GOF shall receive all of the proceeds.
The price of tickets is at the discretion of the host, but should be appropriate to the minimum fee mentioned above, given the anticipated size of the audience. We suggest offering a discount for seniors and students.
The GOF does not expect to receive any proceeds from the host other than those derived from ticket sales. Both parties may sell appropriate merchandise at the event.