Barbershop Quartets

Gentlemen of Fortune is proud to have the following quartets associated with our chorus.  We endorse all of them as excellent singers and entertainers, suitable for any occasion...

Zero Day Quartet

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Zero Day Quartet
Zero Day Quartet members...
Lead:Paul Kamo
Bass:David Meehan
Baritone:Albert Mui
Tenor:Corey Dries
General public contact: 604.500.4243
Province: BC


Limelight members...
Lead:George Gregory
Bass:David Anderson
Baritone:Allan Thorpe
Tenor:Bill Martin
General public contact: 604.230.5695
Province: BC

Ringers Quartet

Ringers Quartet members...
Lead:Jim Lohnes
Bass:Jim Bates
Baritone:Al Alain
Tenor:Bill Lake
General public contact: 604.464.7780
Province: BC

Classic Tones

specializing in barbershop standards

Classic Tones
David Mirhady (tenor), Laurie Dye (lead), Peter Lissett (bass), Andy Holisky (baritone), with Ron Maki (bass)
Classic Tones members...
Lead:Laurie Dye
Bass:Peter Lissett
Ron Maki
Baritone:Andrew Holisky
General public contact: 604.298.7404
Province: BC